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Post  Darko Kimura on Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:29 am

This is my one and only farewell message, my last words for this site that was entrusted to me. Although the chances were slime, I though that there was a possibility of reviving the very roleplay site in which I had started off at. However, during my first year of High School, around 2009 the site started to take a downward spiral. A turn for the worst. Members quit showing up, and I was left on this site, which was once so active alone, just me and Ruby Red, the original Creature of the site were left. At that time I created three fake accounts to make the appearance that there was activity on the site. At the time it seemed that the activity that I was producing was enough to realin some new members, but with my busy schedule it was becoming harder and harder to keep up with the demands for the new members, and soon after they to left. Ruby Red realized that there was no hope and saving the site her and her friend once put the work into making. I however saw differently. I saw a site that I could try to bring back from the grave. At the time of Ruby Red's last months on this site I was working as a mod. In order to help improve the site. After those last few months Ruby Red handed over to me the Admin Keys to the site. Which lied still untouched for over the course of 2010. In 2011, I returned to this site and started reworking the forums and graphics of the site, although the general design remained the same, I added a new chat-room and backgrounds and upgraded most of the systems. But as luck would have it a few new members came, trolls who spammed the site and insulted the harm work in the system that I had made. I quickly had them removed and was forced to do more clean up work on the site. In a desperate attempt of bringing back the site, I turned to an active RP site of the same gener. (http://devilmaycry-crossroads.com/index.php ) A site that went down only weeks after I had copied enough of there information to make a few changes to the site. After a certain amount of time, of there site being down due to technical issues, there site was brought back up and there head admin, the creator of there site, made a report on this site on the things copied for her's. I made contacted with the admin of the site and spoke words with her and removed the things that I had taken from her site. I apologized once like I wish to from that moment onward. For the admin of that site was a good friend of mine, and was once the admin who stood up for me when I went under the names Pyriel Vincent and Black Sheep. However, even though she had granted me the right to return someday, older members on there site due not wish for my return, due to conflicts we had. I shall respect the promise I made to them when I left of my own free will. I shall never return to there site, but for one more time, to deliver this message to a Ms. Reika, who has been so kind to me over the years. Your job is tough, no admin or site creator can denie that. You have my up most respect as an admin, site creator and friend. This site is dead, but yours is more then just kicking. I wish the best of luck to you and to the others. Farewell.
Darko Kimura
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